Almost two years ago, I did it — I RETIRED!  Prior to that moment, I thought, “what will I do?”  Start a blog was number one.  Remodel the bathroom and replace the deck in the backyard.  Then there was the reminder, “don’t forget to clean out all the ‘stuff’ in my office,  and get back to the gym.”  Yep, that was my list and I was raring to go.  First the blog.

While at a relatives wedding in Maui, my grand-nephew (I think that’s what they call the child of your niece) entered the room, looked at me and said, “Well if it isn’t Sharondippity.”  OMG!  Simple, small, accidental and unexpected.  There it was, a name for my blog SHARONDIPITOUS MOMENTS.

You see I believe in serendipity — those accidental moments when desirable discoveries are made.  My style of writing is  a commentary of events, ideas, etc., most often in a humorous way, which would compliment the blog name.

After months of contemplating retirement, the inevitable first day arrived.  I slept in!  For several months thereafter, I did the same thing.  People would ask me, “what are you doing?”  I had no answer.  Over the years, I’ve had some pretty interesting occupations, so I’ve always had an answer to that question.  But there I was trying to come up with something … anything!

I rejoined my old Toastmasters Club, becoming active as an officer, which led to writing a weekly review of the previous meeting.  Thank goodness for our membership.  There was no end to finding entertaining, educational, thoughtful and humorous topics to write about.  The creative juices started flowing.

One thing led to another and we realized our club website required updating.  I hadn’t a clue about how to work on website design.  A fellow Toastmaster led me to a class and here I am.  I can work on the clubs website and start my own!  Hmmm, there appears to be a serendipitous theme going on here.

This is my blog.  It will cover my post retirement journey, as well as special memories from the past, and a myriad of opportunities that lie ahead.  Cooking will be involved, because frankly I love it; pets (particularly cats) will be mentioned, because I love mine; and I suspect there will be many other topics.  Hope you enjoy my journey.  Let me hear from you.


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