I’m Baaack…..

I’m Baaack…..

Just a short note to my friends who still ask, “What happened to you?  Where’s your blog?”

No, it didn’t disappear, I just got busy doing other things.  Yet I am resolved to start again, and should begin within the week.

The real issue for my hibernation is, I had no idea how busy I would be when retired.  Think of the word, ‘ retire.’  Does it mean get to work?  No, quite the opposite.  I’m always busy.  What with technology, I even have post it notes on my computer screen admonishing me to do this, do that, get busy, go to a meeting, go to the doctors (the latter seems to be high on the list of retirees).  I can never complete what I have to do in a day and then it slides over to the next day which is already too full so some things just don’t get done.

If you were a workaholic in your previous existence, chances are you will continue to treat aspects of your life the same way.  Conversely, if you were a couch potato before, you might well become twice baked before you know it.

I was the former and the blog was my new job.  It started to “un-fun” me towards the end of last year.  My new plan is to start out with a blog appearing every 2 weeks instead of weekly.  If something strikes my fancy — well you may see me more frequently.  But the workaholic time schedule is in the past.  In a previous post, “Life is what you make it,” I noted “it’s not the company schedule, it’s my schedule.”  So, I’m taking my own advice and being selfish with my time.

 “Let the games begin!”


2 thoughts on “I’m Baaack…..

  1. Sounds like my sister is still developing wisdom! Merry Christmas. Talk to you soon. Your observations are so very on the mark! Bro


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