It’s Oscar time.  Do you recall some of those acceptance speeches?   Winners, I’ve heard,  aren’t supposed to speak more than 45 seconds.

I thought about this due to a recent “win” of my own.  In my case there were so many people working in the background to assure my victory, I figured the music would start playing before I’d get through half the names on my list.

My award is for a little drama entitled, “The Road to Recovery.”  Hillary once said, when it comes to rearing children, ”It takes a village.”  The same could be said of all those who help you recover from a traumatic health event.  I rarely got last names of the many I encountered, so for my “recovery acceptance speech,” I’ll just use first names. That being said, here is Sharon’s acceptance speech:

“Oh my God, I can’t believe this.  I won!  There are so many people to thank.  First of all, I have to thank my directors.  Yep, most people have 1 director, I had 2. Dr. Rosa Garcia and Dr. Ramon Quesada, without whom recovery might not have been possible.  Then there is my Emergency Room RN,  Johanna.   She assured me that while the diagnosis was not what I wanted to hear,  recovery was more than likely.

“Thank you to Lauren an RN, who replaced Johanna as shifts changed in the ER.  While readying me for a trip to the Cath Lab, Lauren continued to give me assurance.  It was about this time I met Samuel, a Cardiac transport worker.  What can I say about Samuel?  I was clearly distressed so he started a conversation.  ‘Who is your cardiologist?’  When I said it was Dr. Quesada, he said, ‘Wow, you’re lucky, he’s outstanding.’

“In the Cath Lab, thank you to Peggy, an RN whose sense of humor and uplifting personality were so helpful.  Thank you to Patty an RN, who explained that while I would be awake for the procedure, all would be OK.  Then she gave me an intravenous ‘cocktail.’  There were so many others in the lab busy preparing for the cath.  Someone introduced me to a ‘pizza board’ (well that’s what they called it) and soon the procedure was over.

“Thank you to Juan an RN who found extra blankets — I was freezing.  He and Samuel took me to my room.  More relaxed, I heard Samuel saying, ‘See, I told you everything would be OK.’

(music starts playing)

“OK, OK.  Let me finish.  I didn’t think directors would visit you early in the morning, but there was Dr. Garcia the next morning.

“For the next couple of days, I was surrounded by so many caring people.   Brittney my RN, who put up with my incessant questions  (what can I say, I’m a Type A personality and a control freak as well).   Monica,  Ashley,  Fernando, Abigail and Cachaundra all monitored my blood pressure and  EKG, every few hours.  An especial shout out to Abigail, who I scared half to death when she came to take blood in the middle of the night.  I awoke with such a start, I almost hit her.  Thanks also to Tammy from Housekeeping who was so cheerful and genuinely happy at my improvement

“Thank you to David and Lina from Cardiac Rehab who took me for short strolls around the floor and explained just what Cardiac Rehab was, and what to expect once enrolled in the program.

(music gets a little louder)

“Wait a minute guys.  Don’t you realize I might not be here if it weren’t for these folks?

“Thanks to Mike who brought me food (which actually tasted good) and thanks to the unseen folks who prepared it as well.  Thank you to the people in the various labs that I never saw, but monitored my health constantly.

“Finally to the Producers, Baptist Hospital.   I have no idea how you acquired such a fantastic team —  each had a combination of professionalism and empathy that was to say the least, outstanding.   Somehow you did.  I’m sure I’m forgetting some names, so please forgive my lack of memory.  Thank you all.”

9 thoughts on “AND THE OSCAR GOES TO…..

  1. Sharon, I love this! I love the post and the fact that you are now feeling well enough to write! Make a copy of this and mail it to Baptist Hospital. I’ll bet those workers don’t get thanked nearly often enough!


    1. Thanks so much. I agree…we’re all to quick to criticize and complain, but not as quick to acknowledge good behavior and helpfulness. I plan to send this to the CEO, with my admitting and discharge dates so he can see that the proper people get the credit they deserve. I’m sure I left out some people, just glad that I had the foresight to start writing down names. Doing very well at this point. Hard to believe I actually had a heart attack. It surely is a good wakeup call though.


      1. Agree a copy of this should go to Baptist! It’s a wonderful tribute to those who give so much and get relatively little recognition. Great idea to write down names, too!


  2. (Music gets louder still and now the kettle drums are pounding)
    And special thanks to that Great Producer in the Sky. It was HE (SHE) who guided those hands, gave all of those numerous people their enthusiasm and energy. It was also that Producer who wasn’t ready for another type A just yet.
    Our lives can change in an instant. Sharon, I’m so glad that you are doing so well and are soooo grateful. Those who know you are grateful too.
    (so kill the music already)


    1. Thanks Bob. I think also that Producer in the Sky was giving a certain type A, and Control Freak a big wakeup call that we only get one shot at this life and to take care of herself. Thanks for your thoughts.


  3. This is terrific! I am glad you recognized all the employees.
    I accept the nomination as one of your directors.

    Big hug to you!


  4. Sharon, a heart attack?! I can’t believe it! Loved your Oscars. Hospital workers never get enough credit. Now, what kind of lifestyle changes do you have to make?
    Much love and concern,
    P.S. Craig had that Peanuts “Indecision” cartoon on his office wall most of his life. You two must have been 2 peas in a pod!


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