“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.  Dreaming, after all is, a form of planning.”  Gloria Steinem

One of the things that started me on my “Year of Yes” quest, was listening to conversations with my friends.  Most of us are beyond the 50-something years and I’ve observed that our discussions have changed over time.  That’s natural as our lives have changed.  However, I find some of the changes disturbing.

Do you recall your thoughts when you were younger?  They were all about the future.  They started with what was happening at school, then we dreamed of  getting a driver’s license, wondered what college we might attend.  As we grew older, they morphed into career planning, marriage, becoming a parent, plans for vacations or a new home.  There were so many things ahead…things to do, places to go.

What I’m hearing now are stories of our latest medical tests , plans for a CT scan or MRI, and what medications we are taking.  OMG!  All that is important, but is this all there is?

I made the mistake of stating this opinion to someone and was met later with, “I know you don’t want to talk about anyone’s health…”  Obviously I worded my comment incorrectly.  Of course I’m interested in the health of my friends, it’s just that I think there are other things to think about as well.  Of course, there’s always politics but after the last couple of years who wants to increase depression or anxiety.  Think Van Gogh’s “Scream!”

I can just hear someone saying, “But when you’re young you have your whole life ahead of you.”  That’s true, but even if you’re “as old as the hills” you still have your whole life to look forward to — it may not be as long as it was when you were 20, but it’s still sitting there in front of you.

It seems to me we’ve forgotten how to dream.  Do you want to visit the Amalfi Coast?  Do you want to have more serenity in your life?  How about a cruise?

As I begin my Year of Yes, one of the first things I’m planning is to develop a Vision Board.  Have you ever done that?  First it takes some thinking.  Ask yourself open-ended questions like:

“What can I do to make my life more meaningful?”

“Where do I see myself in 1 to 5 years?”

“What makes me truly happy?”

“What’s most important to me?

Then gather some things together:  poster board, magazines, postcards, pictures, scissors, glue stick, quotes that propel you to move towards your dream, colorful pens and pencils…heck, if you’re an artist, paints will work as well.  The point is put together  a picture of your dreams.  It can be about one dream or many.  Create your “dream” picture, then place it where you see it every day. Let it become part of your existence.

Are you interested in creating a Vision Board?  I’m planning on having a Vision Board Party.  At the moment, I’m thinking about February 19 in the afternoon.  I’ll supply some finger-food and magazines, etc.  Bring your poster board, more magazines, pictures, supplies, your imagination and dreams — then expect to have fun.  Of course an RSVP is important so I’m ready for everyone.

Let the dreams begin!

5 thoughts on “JUST DREAMING

  1. The first thing I thought of after reading your interesting post was this: My 88-year-client said a few weeks ago, “Maybe I’m being optimistic, but I need a new 5-year-planner.”
    I’ll submit my Vision Board on email.
    FYI: The 5-year-planners are hard to find. I got her one at Miles Kimball through Amazon.


    1. Joyce: How great!! A Toastmaster friend has hosted Vision Board Parties over the past few years. She pointed out that because the internet is so widely used, to have a computer ready and find quotes, pics, etc on it. Check pinterest for ideas. Just enter vision board in the search bar….or intention….or as you find what your dream is…enter that.


      1. Thank you for the suggestion. I haven’t had time to investigate Pinterest and it looks like something I would enjoy.


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