Welcome to Sharondipitous Moments

Welcome to Sharondipitous Moments

A few years back, I started this blog.  I wanted to write a humorous commentary.  The title, Sharondipitous Moments, was a play on my name and my belief in the brilliance of serendipity.  Then on January 19, 2016, I had a heart attack.  As heart attacks go, mine wasn’t particularly severe.  When I was able, I joined other patients in cardiac rehab and started a weight loss program with my doctor’s advice.  Then almost 1 year after the attack, I experienced pressure in my jaw while exercising.  My cardiologist said,  “No more exercising until you’ve had another cardiac cath.”  I avoided a second attack, but my LAD (the “widow maker”) was 95% blocked.  I was shocked, discouraged, and depressed.

Who would have thought something so horrible could be so serendipitous?  I had started attending WomenHeart meetings at Baptist Health Systems, Miami Cardio and Vascular Institute.  A member asked me if I would be interested in attending a WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  I did and graduated from the symposium with 57 other dynamic, fantastic women as a WomenHeart Champion and Community Educator.

I love writing, and I particularly enjoy story-telling and humor.  That will continue to be part of this blog.  Now I can share some knowledge I’ve gained as a cardiac survivor.  So, in addition, you’ll also see some information on Health & Wellness and this wonderful organization, WomenHeart, of which I am a part.  Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Sharondipitous Moments

  1. I look forward to your new blogs and I am so thankful there was not a second heart attack. God has placed you in the perfect role.


    1. Thanks Bonnie. Been working on the website for a few days…finally have it the way I want it. Just spoke with the WomenHeart staff and they are OK with my blogging about them as well as my other notes. Hope you got through all the rain and storms that have plagued the gulf coast. We did pretty well with Irma…lots of debris, but nothing catastrophic where I live.


  2. I’m happy to see you back on your blog. I know things have been very difficult for you and admire the way you handling everything. However, you were in Rochester and you didn’t call me? The Clinic must have kept you busy.


    1. Hi Joyce…you are correct. Trust me I debated letting you know that I was going to be in Rochester. I arrived on Friday 10/6 in Minneapolis, then took a shuttle to Rochester and arrived in the afternoon. The symposium started at 4 pm, which gave me only enough time to register, eat lunch and get my bags in the room. We started early on Saturday and Sunday and ended after dinner on those days. Sunday was a big dinner and graduation. Monday, more discussions and we were over by noon. Then catch the shuttle back to Minneapolis and a flight home. It was a whirlwind which I’ll be talking about in my blog soon.


    1. Well guess what? I don’t always follow my suggestions. It’s a “do as I say, not as I do,” situation when I stray! I try to follow the advice I’ve been given (I didn’t invent the advice), but I’m only human. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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